Do you hold true
to your values?
Align them 
your finances

We are PRESTON Finance,
financial intermediaries

How and where to invest? Not to worry,
we will handle it for You and help
You take a step in the right direction.
We will find the best investment
opportunities according to Your wishes.

About PRESTON Finance

We are investment intermediaries with a valid license from the Czech National Bank. We have two priorities: successful capital appreciation and long-term relationships with satisfied clients. In the PRESTON Finance portfolio, we only offer products that we stand behind 100 %. We are here for all types of investors, to whom we adapt the offers accordingly.

Why you should choose us? We approach our work responsibly and with awareness of finances being a sensitive topic. You can rely on that every process is being transparent and we will talk you through every detail. We are happy to meet in person, because we know it is important to know with whom are you dealing.


More than 10 investment


We have exclusive representation in the distribution of selected investment products


Our investors are from
various parts of Europe

To all

We offer conservative as well
as dynamic types of investments

Business partners

We are members of

We trust all of our products,
that is why we also invest
our capital in them.

Filip Navrátil

Founder and Managing Partner
PRESTON Capital & PRESTON Finance

How does it work
once you decide to invest
with PRESTON Finance


Every investor has different needs, which is why it is best to properly talk through your requirements in the beginning. It is also an opportunity to get to know us more.

Prioritizing your needs
and goals

We will go through all of your needs and goals in detail, such as prefered investment time horizon, prefered yearly etc. Based on that we will introduce you to your possibilities.


We will suggest where to invest and select for you suitable investment opportunities, that you are comfortable with.


After you conclude an agreement with us, you will receive regular reports regarding the status of your investments.

We will stay
in touch

You will be able to get in touch at all times in order to make sure that everything is going according to your plan.

Investor Guardian
Sky Club

You can be part of Guardian Sky Club, an exclusive club for investors that will open more investment opportunities for you.

Special offers
for investors

Affiliation program

This program for our clients is based on a commission system. You will be able to evaluate your savings beyond previous investments. Contact us to know more

Guardian Sky klub

Guardian Sky Club brings together investors end people interested in investing. Members are eligible to get new investment opportunities and get in touch with people in the same area of interest.

Contact us

Back Office
+ 420 530 506 208

Finance Department
+ 420 226 228 090

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